Foolosophy Fieldwork: Oktoberfest

The atmosphere was in tents...

The atmosphere was in tents…

The sights, smells, tastes and sounds of Oktoberfest still fill my senses. I can taste the beer, smell the pretzels and hear the sound of the oompah band parping away in the background. I can even feel the touch of lederhosen against my legs….and to be honest, wearing them to work this week might have seemed to some like overkill. But despite my hangover and the strange looks from colleagues, I have still managed to remember a surprising amount about my time at the world’s most famous beer festival.

As my liver and kidneys recover, I will gradually be bringing you the well-panned gold of my nefarious activity over the coming weeks.

  1. Fürst impressions: the perks of living like a Bavarian king.
  2. Blagging vs. Preparation: a case study. What I learned about good decision-making from a weekend spent at a Bavarian beer festival.
  3. The Weekend After – 10 things I learned about excess at Oktoberfest

So sit back and enjoy the feast.



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