The Orangutan’s Plan

In the sweltering heat and humidity of the Borneo rainforest lived two primates who were, by all accounts, excellent friends and neighbours to one another.

The monkey was always anxious, constantly worrying about the future. The orangutan was always calm and always seemed to have a plan for whatever might happen next.

One day, just as the monkey was about to come down from his tree to find breakfast, a dull, booming noise could be heard coming from the heart of the jungle.

As the noise got louder the monkey screeched anxiously while the Orangutan watched from on high, casually chewing a few leaves as he did so.

“We’re going to die!” screamed the monkey, bouncing from branch to branch.

The orangutan simply sat there, chewed on his leaves and stared out into the forest before him.

“What if people are coming and cut down the jungle?” asked the monkey.

“Then we will move to another part of the jungle” came the reply.

“But what if they come to our new home?” said the monkey.

“Then we will move again” said the orangutan.

“But what if we keep moving and they keep coming and there’s nowhere left to go?”

“Then we can swim to another island.”

“But what if there are men on the island?”

“Then we will avoid them.”

“But what if there is nowhere to go to avoid them?”

“Then we will be nice to the men and hope that they take pity on us and send us to a comfortable zoo where we they feed us fruit and berries until we die.”

“Oh,” said the monkey “well I guess that’s not so bad.”

Then the jungle parted, and an old elephant slowly trampled past them. There was a loud thud as its giant feet hit the ground one after another.

The monkey, visibly relieved, ambled down to the jungle floor to pick some berries.

Suddenly a leopard bolted from the undergrowth and grabbed the monkey by its tail. As the leopard dragged its screaming prey away, the monkey cried out to the orangutan.

“Damn you orangutan! Where is your plan now!?”

The orangutan shrugged.

“If you’d asked me about leopards,” he replied, “then I’d have given you one.”

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